Kelly Ripa Haircut, Beautiful Shiny Bob with Color

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Kelly Ripa haircut always becomes a trend or at least a talk for her fans. It is like other celebrities who have a change in their look then become a trending to the media. Kelly Ripa also has their new drastic look. Can you recognize it? Indeed, she loves do experiments with her hairstyle. As the result, you may always see a change on her look especially for her hairstyle. Let’s see what she makes to get a fresher and awesome look.

Well, to be honest, she has beautiful bob hairstyle. Bob haircut is one of the most wonderful and loveliest hairstyles you can find. Bob hairstyle is always in a trend. No matter the season or the year, Kelly Ripa bob haircut always looks stunning. Besides that, bob haircut looks wonderful for women by any ages. From young to old women, they can get their nice look on bob hairstyle. You can try it yourself.

Then, Kelly Ripa does experiments with colors. Indeed, if you see the pictures of the hairstyle of Kelly Ripa, you may find she is still on the same bob haircut but she always has a new look with the colors. She ever painted her hair with blue, pink, platinum blonde and others. She makes the hair looks shiny at the finish. It means the stylist needs to be really careful in painting the hair so it looks delicate.

In choosing hair color, Kelly Ripa may have her own reason. But a stylist recommends getting the right hair color based on considering the skin color as well as eye color. If you ask your stylist, you can also have some suggestions when you are looking for the right hair color. One of the good ideas to consider is about the color limitation. Not all colors are good for all dress. Look at the Kelly Ripa haircut as the example.

Kelly Ripa haircut looks gorgeous with some changes of the colors that make her bob hairstyle looks beautiful and shiny. There are some colors she has tried like above.

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